Wooden Sizzler Plate with Wooden Stand 13x7x9.5 inches

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This wooden sizzler is perfect for cooking meat, seafood, vegetables and much more in your pizza oven. the perfect way to kick start your weekend brunch or even to make a weekday better with some sizzler.

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  • Solid Cast Iron Sizzler hot plates for keeping food warm
  • Sizzlers cast iron pans, Brownies, exotic dishes, Best suited for Home and Hotels - Restaurant
  • Precaution after using iron plate: just wash it with hot water and scrub it with whatever you like. Dry it with a towel, and put it back on the burner. Allow the high heat to evaporate any remaining water left. When it cools again, apply a very light coat of oil to the plate with a paper towel. This will keep any moisture in the air from causing rust while the plates are stored.
  • Though it looks like a fancy dish served at restaurants, its pretty simple to make at home.
  • Get this hot plates for cooking


Very rustic and authentic look on your table. Note that when cooking either in the plate or transferring hot food to it, the hot cast iron will eventually burn off the finish on the wooden hot plate holder. It is to be expected and adds to the rustic feel of this kind of cooking. When you first receive this plate set you should season it. First please wash the plate lightly in soap and water. Then when absolutely dry, wipe lightly with oil. Don't use too much! Only a little is best. We use a paper towel dampened with oil to wipe it. Then place in an oven at 350 degrees for an hour. Let cool, and you are ready to cook!

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