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Do you buy things that seem trendy or cute, but your purchases always turn out to be useless? It sits in your house taking up space or it is covered in dust and you regret buying it.

Gone are the days when it seemed the only items you needed to have at home were food, drinks, and basic toiletries. Because today there are so many more different “essentials” that creating a home properly equipped with all of them can be a challenge.

It is good to have functional items around the house. Believe it or not, household essentials can be decorative and useful at the same time. Isn't that amazing?

Our trip today will explore the most amazing and useful home essentials you need. You can enjoy unrivaled variety and affordability with all these items, and the pieces will blend in with your interior aesthetic. This is a list of 13 unique home essentials you must consider buying.

  1. Remote holder

Tired of misplacing your TV remote every now and then? What could be better than a remote stand? The contemporary-style wooden holder stands out on the table it is placed on. Intelligently crafted design to pull out your TV, set-top, home theater remote easily.

  1. brown Set-top box holder

A wall-mounted set-top box holder will never be a regrettable buy. No wonder why it's so popular these days - a wall shelf to cut the cluttered wire scenario. Beautiful cut-out design to ditch the dull wooden box style holder. PS. One of the reasons we like the brown one is that it will match any color scheme. You can also get it in black if that is what you prefer.

  1. Wooden table.

If you are into traditional wooden stools as a coffee table or side table, you should be buying this. You’ll love this thoughtful modern contemporary table. It’s made of natural, sustainably sourced wood. This wooden table won’t disappoint with its crafty design. Beautiful plus sturdy is the perfect depiction for this product.

  1. Wooden Handcrafted Ashtray

Cigarette ash everywhere? Eliminate the eye-rolling moments of your mates with an ashtray. Ashtrays don’t have to be ugly or look cheap.

What could be nicer than an alluring handcrafted ashtray?

  1. Wooden spectacles holder

It is only the spectacles after TV remotes that are most misplaced on Earth. This wooden spectacles holder is quirky enough to keep your quirky specs in place. It would look right at home in an out-of-the-way setup (or make your room look a lot more out of the way if that’s your goal).

6.Wooden spice box

Handcrafted things never disappoint you with their beauty. What if they are useful too? A handcrafted clear-cut wooden spice box is a kitchen essential beyond compare. Comes with an attractive transparent lid that makes it easy for you to admire the little bowl of spices.

7. Space-saving racks

Minimalist setup is everywhere for a good reason. If you are a fan of minimalist setups, this one is for you. Unfussy, sleek design to tidy up the bathroom/ kitchen countertop. Subtle and space-saving design, you can’t ask for more. Get your space back!

8. Wooden serving cart

Modern serving cart with a Desi touch. A handmade wooden mini thela trolley for serving! Impressive, right? Make your guests gape at this eye-catching miniature thela serving cart.

9. 5 tier heavy pot holder.

Kitchen organizing is made easy, especially when it comes to heavy pots. Introducing the 5 tier heavy pot holder to hold all your weighty pots in one place. Be it the largest and heaviest or the stout and the smallest pan, it has the space for all.

  1.  Handmade wooden coaster

At Decorlay, we genuinely adore handcrafted wooden art and encourage it widely. This wooden handmade coaster is proudly one of the reasons why we do it. The idea of a wooden teapot with drawers like golden coasters is out of this world. How can we not talk about the imperial vibes it brings to the table?

11. Wall hanging key box

Bring back the old-school, rustic vibe with this almari style wooden key box. A key holder can’t get more beautiful than this one. Hide the keys to your treasures in this beautiful key holder.

  1.  Tricycle plant pot stand

Home is Where the Gardening is! Cute and crafty tricycle plant stand to prop up your lovely plants. Sturdy enough to stand three medium-weight plant pots. Clumsiness proof and water-resistant framework, thanks to the wrought iron build and anti-corrosion coat. A great gift for the gardener on your list. Please note: This is not a toy.

13. Wooden jewelry box

A classy piece of jewelry needs an equally classy container. It deserves a cherish with a fairly graceful jewelry box. A box for your treasures! This luxurious wooden box provides a welcome haven for all your favorite things. Genuine wood, natural finish. The flip-flap design is oddly satisfying when you uncover your darling goodies.

Wrapping up:

These unique home essential pieces can go a long way in transforming a space and making it feel like “you.” It will work with any and all styles and can add a bit of sparkle and life to your decor.

These are the household essentials every home should have. Some items that you might not think of, but surprisingly do come in handy. Take a look at our list to see what you're missing! And grab it for yourself now!

Which home essential product did you like the most?? Feel free to tell us it in the comment section below.

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