13 plant stand for flower pot

Roses are red, violets are blue, but these pretty plant stands will make your fantasy garden wish come true.

“I don’t need less plants... I need more shelves”- Miss May.

Every plant parent will agree to this. If you are one of them, you can’t think enough about how to keep your babies secure. You might love to take care of fellow members of the garden along with flaunting that.

Be it indoor plants or outdoor it always lights up the space. Having a garden, and while it is beautiful and leafy, it is often difficult to keep up. Every research is less when it comes to your green babies.  But a new range of beautiful, functional, and affordable plant stands has hit the online market which aims to help.

For those not so plugged into this particular world, we’ve put together a list of 13 plant pot stands for your garden/home.

Use these plant stands to showcase your greatest specimens and create a lovely vantage point. So, let’s dive into it:

1. 4 tier flower pot stand:

4 tier plant holder with an elegant design is hard to miss. White framework with scrollwork defines the epitome of beauty. Plants aligned at different heights would give a fresh vibe altogether. Elegant yet robust, this plant stand is not to be missed. 

2. 3 tier corner plant pot stand:

There is always a corner in your home that is perfect for plants. If you also have one, take this magnificent corner plant stand home. Undoubtedly, it would fit all your plants effortlessly on it. This plant stand will surely be the centerpiece of your home.

3. 2 tier wooden plant stand:

This wooden plus metal rack is too nice for keeping ordinary things. With a simple yet modern design, it is gonna win hearts. Keep your plants in this 2 tier wooden plant stand!!

P.S. It also has guardrails for keeping your beloved plants undamaged.

4. Iron wall mounted plant shelves:

If you are worried about plants taking up huge space in your room. This wall plant shelf is the solution. Modern look along with space to breathe is the bonus of this shelf. You can arrange multiple tiny plants on these shelves, without compromising on space and boring-looking shelves.

  1.  Handcrafted wooden flower pot stand:

In the world of modern elements, the rustic stands out. Simplicity at its best! A simple yet classic antique finish wooden plant stand is the element you need to add to your garden, home. Handcrafted never go out of fashion, if you are skeptical whether it will go with your decor style.

  1.  Multi tier plant stand:

Versatile and appealing, they hold your plants beautifully. This multi-tier plant stand comes from the idea of a European cart with scrollwork touches. Give our plants the royal prop with this plant stand. Welcome the sense of grandeur, a style that never fades!

7. 2 tier gamla stand:

If you believe in less is more, this plant pot stand is for you!! Beautiful scroll work framework to exhibit your plants gracefully. Needless to say, it would save up a lot of space as compared to a traditional plant stand. Place it in any corner of your house, it will add grace to it.

8. 3 tier plant stand:

Save a big space or a wall for this beautiful and splendid 3 tier plant stand. You won't regret doing this! Broad space in the bottom that narrows up as it goes up, adds more to its exquisite beauty. It will be the heart of your garden! Get ready to get all eyeballs on your plants with this plant pot stand.

9. Tricycle plant holder:

Dainty and fancy could be a definition for this tricycle plant holder. This  3 tier plant stand is ideal for both indoor and outdoor placement. The focal point of every garden or room it is placed in. It is never going to disappoint you with its awe-inspiring structure.

  1.  Wall mounted metal plant holder:

Bored of empty dull-looking walls? It needs nothing but a lively prop. This couple of metal plant holders will do wonders for you. Fine, crafty design to add a splash of color to your wall. Sleek in the design along with light construction allows your plant to breathe. Not every plant is destined to be in a cliché plant holder!!

  1. Stair plant stand:

Who doesn’t like more drama? Get this dramatic stair plant stand if you are one of them. This Instagram-worthy plant stand is gonna hold all of your majestically. Wrought iron and wooden framework makes it more sturdy.

12. Iron plant pot stand:

Gardening plants can get messy sometimes! Get this simple but sturdy plant pot stand that can withstand the weight of 20 kgs!! No more worry about mud ruining the plant stand, thanks to tough galvanized iron and anti-corrosion powder coat.

  1. Plant pot hanger hook

How can we forget about air plants in our today’s list? In order to hang your plant, you'll need some hardware. The ceiling hooks come with screws and anchors to ensure your plant is secure. There shouldn't be anything better than a fancy golden iron wall hook.

Wrapping up:

These plant stands are elegant, easy to use, and designed for more than one type of plant.

They have all the right ingredients- modern design, functionality, and minimal investment. That’s not to mention the sheer allure of owning such functional plant stands. Investing in one of these is a no-brainer.

They would also make lovely gifts for any kind of gardener. With the large demands of work and family, investing in some more quality time with gardening is nice.

That's it for now, plant parents ;)


Which plant stand did you like the most?? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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