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If you are looking for the best and affordable dining table, look no for further you are in the right place in this article we discuss some of the thela serving platter and wooden serving platter one to help you when you have guests in your home, hotels and wedding ceremony. Read below for more information.


Product Dimension (L x B x H):25 cm x 17.5 cm x 13 cm

Designed special for serving; snacks, Roti, Sandwiches and Pakoras

It looks natural for the antique finish with wrought iron wheels. Therefore is the perfect one for gifting friends and family members.

Meals on the wheels and features the mini beautiful of the media design for attracting tray cart that is used for placing fruits, snacks and dry fruits

The content packages: 1 piece of the wooden serving carts, material like woods colour of brown.


A wooden serving platter is used for entertainment and hosting. You can use a wooden serving platter on your buffet and dining table for artificial display during gatherings. The wooden tray has a beautiful design for serving you tea, coffee, and snacks. The wheel's surface is made of the iron wheel, perfect for catching hold off the small buffet parties and getting them together.


Thela serving platter is attractive to use in your home. It can help you serve snacks and food when you are interested in serving snacks. The wheel is made simple and easy to move thus making easy for guest and eye-catcher. The craft is made of metal and is sturdy enough to keep your food properly to avoid falling and spillage. A wooden platter is one of the best tools to serve your buddies food well. 


It is made in such a way that you collaborate in your room without disrupting your visitors. There is flexible and easy to move around with it even under your table.

When looking for a modern serving tool, we recommend you go for the wooden serving platter because it is designed uniquely. The good thing with those serves are multi-functions for everyone, and you will feel comfortable when using them.

There are many uses you can consider using for the and wooden platter. The most common ones are used in weddings, serving cheese, wines, meals, snacks and coffee shops. It is used for displaying the cherished items and creating decoration displays. Most catering considers wooden platter for serving their clients because it is easy to move with it around. People who like to carry everything on the same server then feeling this type will be helpful for most of you. You can take your food once and avoid coming back again. However, the price may vary depending on what you are looking for, but you are guaranteed your money back if you get quality you did not order. 


The above information explained well why thelaserving platter and wooden are most advisable to choose nowadays. You need to get a serving platter that is designed for specific work. When you get those for dinner, then you are assured of the quality and durability. 

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