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Money can buy happiness!!

Experiences can be easily purchased with money, if not happiness.
Experiences that can enrich your boring life and, it does not need to cost a lot.

To feel regal, you do not need to own luxury cars, jewels, etc. You can get those royal vibes by sprinkling some royalty across your home.

The most opulent and majestic thing about the Mughal era was their intricate and detailed artwork. The Rajput style is a lot soberer in comparison, but that does't mean they were less elegant. Those were intricately designed and different from the modern-day decor.

How can you add some Mughal and Rajput style to your home?

The art of adding charm to your home starts with the decor. The right kind of home decor can easily turn a drab house into a royal castle. There are many ways to add grandeur to your home, from antique pieces to modern-day decor, without spending too much cash.

Even after centuries, such extravagant pieces of furniture and decor are loved and treasured by many. So, we bring you 11 royal decor and household accessories that will help you unlatch your inner king or queen.

It was very common for the royals to use handcrafted things. Such an open, handmade wall shelf unit is a lovely example of the time. While this exquisite wall shelf looks royal, this intricate design relates to the royal decor. It is a beautiful instance of what remains of the handcrafted work from the vintage era.

Take a step back and marvel at the beauty of this very sturdy and alluring table. Presenting the best wooden table with the most exquisite craftsmanship. Your home deserves authentic furniture! It would make the place look like not less than a palace. Best as a beautiful side table or coffee table.

The most defining feature of the Mughals is the intricate floral patterns in their architecture, jewellery, clothes etc. Instantly transport yourself to the Mughal or Rajput era... this intricately wooden room partition is right from that time. It is the epitome of intricate hand carving. It is truly a work of art!

What can be more beautiful than this royal decor? This candle holder has all the palace vibes. A mirror at the back adds more to its charm. What can match the beauty of this handcrafted candle holder?

Many of the Royals were well-read. They encouraged the literature of that era. No doubt they owned a big room full of books. We can't do that, but we deserve something exquisite like this bookshelf. Browse through beautiful books stacked on this equally beautiful and impressive bookshelf.

A hand-carved jewelery box? Thats unique. It would be unfair not to mention the queen;s love of embellishments and jewellery. With a jewellery box, you'll also fall in love with your jewellery. It is perfect for your adornments! Get your jewels into this unrivalled wooden jewellery box!

Another queen's love! Shringar boxes are timeless. These luxurious boxes are just right for holding your favourite earrings and rings and even as a kumkum box. Ideal for gifting to your family, friends or workmates.

Get the traditional vibes around your house. This Rajasthani Jharokha is all you need. This unique Jharokha design brings the unique details of Rajput architecture to your home. Beautifully carved, intricate design to add the charm of the Rajput era to your walls. By using this royal decor, you can easily transform your plain walls into a beautiful vintage backdrop.

If not queens, see yourself as Khansamas who pours magic into the pot with this antique spice box. Bring the old world magic! And this would be the fancy spice box for all your magical needs. You deserve to feel the luxury of sprinkling spices from this vintage box! See-through lid to add more to the elegant and royal feel.

In England, afternoon tea parties are a tradition started by the queen. How can a tea party be complete without such royal looking coaters? It's the time to impress your guests with these alluring coasters. These charming coasters are perfect for savouring a refreshing brew.

Utensils symbolize creation and refinement. They reflect royalty. So, what better than applying a hand craved serving tray to your coffee table to create the ultimate visual element of domestic craft? Handcrafted wooden tray to win the hearts of guests.


Wrapping up

The right home decor can help make you feel more regal. Take your time to choose the perfect look, be creative.

You will start to see the charm of a well-adorned home with this royal decor when you put the time and effort into it. This list is all about royal decor or essentials you need, without the royal price.

We hope you enjoy these royal hacks.

Let us know in the comment which one of the royal products you loved the most.

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