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Nobody ever said  “I regret organizing my house”- Alejandra

Any homemaker can’t agree more with this quote. Making your house more organized makes daily life easier. It's like organizing your life by organizing the place you spend most of your time.

When it comes to organizing how can we forget the heart of the home? The Kitchen is where life happens. Organizing it is like winning half of the battle of organizing your living space.

Not everyone is privileged to have a big kitchen space. Unfortunately, even bigger spaces can quickly become cluttered if not maintained properly. So, here are our easy-peasy organization tips for the kitchen for your rescue.

Small kitchen space? Or Cluttered modular cabinets? Organizing kitchen utensils without drawers? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Right from basic kitchen organization ideas to design tips. Juicy tips on your way.

Scroll on to this ultimate guide to your dream kitchen. We have a lot of decluttering to do, so put on your decluttering gloves. Ready, let’s go.

Get Rid Of Clutter

No matter how big or small your kitchen is... a messy kitchen countertop or stuffy refrigerator can make your work a lot harder.

The first thing you need to do is take out all the things from the refrigerator. The goal is to get rid of the expired foods or fruit juices that is kept in the fridge for the last 113  years.  (Basically, get rid of all the expired and things that are not in use).

It’s necessary to throw them away to add more space to your fridge.

It will take a drowsy afternoon or your lovely weekend, but the outcomes are worth it.

The same decluttering mantra can be applied to your utensils. Get all of them out, get rid of utensils that are no more functional. Keep the daily use utensils such as pots, pans, and cutleries handy. Whereas, keeping the seasonal utensils like baking utensils, appam tava on the higher shelves is a clever idea.

Get It Organized

After decluttering, get it organized. If you don’t do it, it will have the same messy scene after a month.

A large majority of people think modular kitchens take can make their life easier. This may be true to a certain degree. Because a  lot of people are dump machines! So, the advice is to NEVER dump all the miscellaneous utensils in one place. Even if you have the luxury of owning modular cabinets.

Follow the rule of “likes with likes” keep spoons and knives together in one place, pots and pans in another. Don’t forget about the knives and peelers.

For small kitchen storage cabinets, wired kitchen baskets, or simple plastic baskets can be a savior when it comes to organization. Another alternative for handy utensils is countertop shelves and racks. It can be useful for holding spice boxes, dishes, cutleries, pots, and pans. And even their lids!!

kitchen rack

A rack like this can add a lot of vertical space to the countertop. Keep the essentials on the top and use the beneath space to keep other stuff.

Also, it is always advised to keep the daily use utensils handy, keep them on the lower shelves. Getting heavy utensils off from the higher shelves can be painful.

Don’t forget the sink area, keep the sink area neat by keeping dishwashing liquid and scrubs well organized with a rack like this. 


How to organize kitchen utensils without drawers?  And small kitchen organization ideas.

Small kitchen space can get tedious when loaded with a lot of things mindlessly. As discussed earlier space-saving racks and organizers can save space. But there is also a more convenient alternative for small kitchens.

Make use of the walls, make them your friends. Make use of the wall hooks, they are easy to install, cheap, and need almost zero horizontal space.

wall rack

An ordinary kitchen shelf can also be utilized to its fullest using wired or plastic baskets. Nesting “like” utensils under one another can also be a space saver.

Line the shelves with shelf liners and you are good to go. As compared to newspapers (which are the star in every middle-class home as shelf liners) it is easy to clean these shelf liners and they come in attractive colors and designs. 

Kitchen Organization for Busy Adults

Adulting, we hate it. Yet, here we are.

It can be hard for some adults to adjust to adulthood, but with these tips, it can be easier.

  • Use clear, see-through containers for storing spices, lentils, and snacks. It will ease your hunting and struggle of “ what is in, which jar?” super easy. It will also make it easy for you to note what things you need to restock.
  • Label the jars. Even if you can see what’s inside, a  newbie cook can be confused between cumin and ajwain.  It’s even more useful for a kitchen that has more than one cook.
  • Command hooks for a rented house are the catch. The cheap alternative to organizers. Hang on spoons and ladles on it.
  • An organizer for the dining table is an investment worth making. It will ease out the struggle of finding the right plates and spoons for breakfast when you are getting late to work.
  • A small whiteboard in the kitchen is not at all a bad idea. When you're a busy bee, you can save time by keeping track of items the kitchen needs.

Some Design Tips

When it comes to designing, the kitchen is always ignored. Because of the worry of cluttering the kitchen with unnecessary things. But, less is more. Use these beautiful but simple ideas to add a splash of color to your kitchen.

Add open shelves to your kitchen to give it a fresh and airy feel. Top it up with your handcrafted tray, your favorite cookbook, or a plant. These are just a few items to name, you can add whatever you want.

kitchen dish rack

If you own a stylish appliance don’t forget to show it off on the countertop. It will add a stylish element to your kitchen.

Use your favorite or unique coffee mugs as spoon and fork holders. This is the best, cheap and creative idea to organize your kitchen you will ever come across.

Wrapping Up

There are several essential tips in this blog about organizing your kitchen, along with instructions on how to put in place some fun designs. Let us know in the comment, which of the tips you liked the most.

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